DEVILROBOTS 25th Anniversary Exhibition 2022

DEVILROBOTS / 15 Apr 2022 - 16 May 2022

Shout Art Hub & Gallery and DEVILROBOTS is hosting “DEVILROBOTS 25th Anniversary Exhibition 2022” at Harbour City. DEVILROBOTS is known for its amusing figures, whereas they have created a series of character drawings to commemorate this special 25th anniversary exhibition. All paintings in this exhibition were led and painted by the Art Director of DEVILROBOTS, Shinichiro Kitai.

DEVILROBOTS is a design team established in 1997 and based in Tokyo. They design graphics, characters, audio-visuals, websites, toys, CD jackets, apparel, and more! Their taste is a mix of a little evil and robotic fun, resulting in an original world of cute and dark. Their most famous character, TO-FU OYAKO, is well known worldwide. They have collaborated with global brands such as Bandai, Coca-Cola, Levis, Medicom Toy, MoMA Design Store, Nike, Nokia, Paul Smith, Kidrobot, and others. Their major characters are To-Fu Oyako, Evirob, Maffy, and Kiiro to name a few.

The exhibition is comprised of 31 images specially created by DEVILROBOTS to commemorate the 25th-anniversary exhibition. Among them, there are total 10 MURART digital prints with 25 editions each. Apart from original drawings and digital prints, the exhibition also features special figures at Shout Art Hub & Gallery, Harbour City.

To-Fu family, as the most popular series of DEVILROBOTS will be featuring 20 original canvas paintings of the To-Fu family with limited to 1 each and 8 digital prints with 25 editions each. One of the most interesting is the spoof series of To-Fu, To-Fu spoofs the world-famous paintings 'The Scream' and 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' to create To-Fu's Scream and To-Fu with a Earring, this series will be featured as original canvas paintings and digital prints at the exhibition.

In addition to the To-Fu series, 「DEVILROBOTS 25th Anniversary Exhibition 2022」also features the original drawings and digital prints for EVIROB and BOXY. At the same time, in order to commemorate the 25th-anniversary exhibition, DEVILROBOTS specially created the only 1 original drawing “DR 25th Anniversary”.


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DEVILROBOTS 25th Anniversary Exhibition 2022

Date:  4/15/2022 - 5/16/2022

Venue:  Shout Art Hub & Gallery, Harbour City - Avenue: Shop OT308A, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 7 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:  Mon - Sun, 11am - 8:30pm

About Artist

The design team DEVILROBOTS from Japan was established in 1997 and lead by Art Director, Shinichiro Kitai. The team is involved in many aspects of art and design production, including graphic design, fashion, cartoon character sets, animation, and music creation. Art Director Kitai's most famous work, the To-Fu Oyako series, is loved by people all over the world. A series of Kubrick figures, in collaboration with the Japanese trendy brand MEDICOM TOY, established the To-Fu Oyako figure as one of the trendiest products in the market. To-Fu Oyako was inducted into the 7th Annual Designer Toy Award Hall of Fame (2017), which was awarded by Clutter Magazine in NYC.