Dialogue in Art - Korea meets Hong Kong Joint Exhibition

/ 25 Jun 2021 - 8 Aug 2021

SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery presents Dialogue in Art - Korea meets Hong Kong joint exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea and the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS). The exhibition opens on 25th of June, 2021 from 2pm at our Gallery in Harbour City and remains on view through to 8th of August, 2021, featuring six well-known Korean artists Jibim Im, Artnom, Eunmi Kim, Mi Hei Her, Woolim Lee and Sangsun Bae.

The six presented artists showcase a remarkable narrative of the current chaotic yet unified world - in their own unique ways. Jibin Im, Artnom and Eunmi Kim using each of their own cartoonissed character images or pop color and patterns, such as bear and rabbit, each artists are giving voices to their work in telling stories that echo with the landscape of the art world in the 21st century. Their work gathers together playfulness, sarcasm and contradictions, acting as their own response to the current environment. The humorous characters in their works tell a story that provides the viewer with routes of escape from reality. Mi-Hei Her's creative work was predominantly inspired by the 1980s. The 1980s were an era of growing global capitalism, political upheaval, worldwide mass media, wealth discrepancies and unique music and fashion, characterised by hip hop and electronic pop music. Her colorful yet strong images reflect this era which is indeed relatable until today. Woo-lim Lee is one of the well known and sought after modern and contemporary painters in South Korea and his works have been exhibited in major Asian exhibitions. Throughout his works, Lee explores the different mentalities of living in contemporary society. He projects his utopian desire for protection and insulation from the consequences of a rapidly expanding and fiercely competitive modern world. As people seek repose and meditation within nature, his work is an evocation of the spirituality of these modern people that needs healing through nature. Sangsun Bae’s works incorporate the idea of lives and events in endless cycles. She has been exploring the relationship between individuals, connections capable of holding relationships, communities and whole societies together, which are equally susceptible of becoming self-entangled, frayed or of unravelling entirely. She also reflects her personal experiences as a Korean living in Japan, where complex historical and emotional ties are seen and heard. Her works show the unique perspective she built on the cycle of relationships.

Artist Profile

JIBIN IM (1984) Born in Busan, Korea. He got B.F.A Majored in Sculpture, Department of Fine art, Silla University, Busan, Korea. His work goes towards a question of what our identities are. As his exploration of human beings continues, the artist started expressing her pure affection for humans.

ARTNOM (1971) studied Korean painting in college and worked at a character design company for a few years. ARTNOM’s work began by finding the connection between Korean painting and character. The folk painting that ARTNOM used as a motif is a drawing that contains the hope of commoners during the Chosun dynasty.

EUNMI KIM (1988) Her artworks use a unique approach of creating landscapes that makes audiences feel the ‘near’ and ‘far’. The 「Zoom in zoom out」 series is created in a way smart phone touch screens are used in our current daily lives. The use of colors, patterns, and shapes are wisely located to build climax.

MI-HEI HER (1967) born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied in Pantheon, Paris-Sorbonne University in the department of Painting (BFA, MFA, DEA, Ph.D.) and had over 20 solo shows since 2003 in France and Korea. Her very delicate work is known and loved all over the world. Public and private collections of her works are in Seoul, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Vienna, Salt Lake City, New York and more.

WOO-LIM LEE (1972) born in Kyoungnam Province in South Korea is a Korean Asian Modern & Contemporary painter. He received both his BFA and MFA from Youngnam University. SANGSUN BAE (1971) is a Korean Artist living and working in Kyoto, Japan. A graduate of Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Sangsun studied for her Doctoral Thesis at Kyoto city University of the Arts, during which time she won a scholarship to study in London at the Royal College of Art. Twice selected for the prestigious VOCA art prize in Tokyo, Sangsun has shown internationally in Europe and throughout Asia and is currently represented by Lee & Bae in Korea.

SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery

SHOUT Gallery is not a traditional gallery. It specializes in the here and now of Street and Pop Art, with the added energy of graffiti. This appeals to people of all ages and introduces them to a very new and vibrant world of contemporary art. We have one of the largest collections of this art form in Hong Kong. Apart from global artists, we are also keen on promoting and supporting local artists. There are a variety of exhibitions and consignments of local artists happening at the gallery.

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