Jimmy Rice / 20 May 2022 - 20 Jun 2022

SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery is pleased to bring old and new collections created by Hong Kong artist Jimmy Rice to be exhibited in the 'JIMMY RICE GLITCHY' exhibition. The exhibition is under the theme of 'Glitchy', which literally means strong chromatic aberration, or a minor malfunction as we commonly express it. Jimmy Rice has a unique interpretation of 'Glitchy'. He believes that in today's widespread use of social media, everyone will receive a lot of information. Furthermore, this information is very diverse, which will lead to 'glitches' in people's thinking. Therefore, Jimmy Rice wants to convey the information about how we analyse and understand the multi-faceted nature of each event from multiple angles of explosive transmission through the exhibition 'JIMMY RICE GLITCHY'.

Through bold colours combined with a realistic painting style, the 'JIMMY RICE GLITCHY' exhibition continues the satirical nature of Jimmy’s art pieces. As our current world is flipped by current affairs and a world pandemic, Jimmy hopes to go on a journey to explore the scenes we see in the media, everyday life and the city we live in. In the turbulent generation, Jimmy explored from historical documents to modern society, calling on everyone to have the idea of 'preparing for danger' to a certain extent. His modernised patterns and fearless colours are indications for us to be tentative about the happenings close and far.

In his previous series, he had also reflected these ideals through controversial artistic makings. The “Black Peace” series is a sculpture collection of skull-headed Terracotta Army in black. It explores the shackles of the human mind being controlled by a higher power. There is no doubt that this series became an instant success.

In the 'JIMMY RICE GLITCHY' exhibition held by Shout Art Hub & Gallery, Jimmy will revisit this series by modernising the colours. His “R collection”, in which he explores the irony between humans and the natural environment, will also be reinterpreted. Through these renewals, Jimmy hopes to create more relatable works for modern times.

There will also be an area in the exhibition “THE PEACE” brought by Jimmy Rice's artist friends. “Peace” is a state of no war, no hostile violence, and Jimmy Rice's 'GLITCHY' theme exhibition calls on everyone as the idea of “preparing for danger” coincides. 'THE PEACE' is represented in different artworks by 8 artists: Liang Yi’chuan (Successor of Lingnan School of Painting), Cheng Wai Ho (Alfred Cheng), Winson Ma, Clayton Chau, Gammy Kwok, Carlos Koo, Eric Seto, Lam Duen Shan Ming.


About Shout Art Hub & Gallery

Shout Art Hub & Gallery is not a gallery in the traditional sense. It showcases contemporary art with a focus on pop and street art. Its purpose is to attract people of all ages and bring them into a new and vibrant contemporary. At the same time, Shout is one of Hong Kong's largest melting pots of all art forms.

Under the brand Shout, Black Label is a large-scale art exchange space dedicated to promoting original and limited edition art in Hysan Place, covering an area of over 6,000 square feet. SHOUT BLACK LABEL exhibits the most sought-after original art pieces and selected limited edition art. SHOUT BLACK LABEL will evolve into an ‘Art Lover's Club’ where artists and art lovers rub shoulders to share their visions, experiences, and ideas. SHOUT BLACK LABEL creates a unique atmosphere that is beyond just selling art. It offers invited guests exclusive access to the VIP lounge, where they can enjoy viewing NFT art at utmost comfort.



About Other Participating Artists

Liang Yi’Chuan Chinese Han nationality, born in 1970, the successor of the Lingnan School of Painting, studied painting with Master Guan Shanyue, a master of the Lingnan School of Painting in his early years, graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of the China Artists Association. He used to be a guest professor at the East Second Normal College of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Guangdong Industrial and Commercial University, and is currently the vice president of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute. Created large-scale official creative projects such as 'Art Description Guangzhou' and 'Ten Scenes of Zhuhai'

Cheng Wai Ho (Alfred Cheng) B. Hong Kong. 1988  “Everything in the world is interconnected to each other”  Alfred Cheng is a thread artist based in Hong Kong. A self-taught artist demonstrated his thought by weaving a single thread on canvas. He believes every independent object in the world is not perfect. Only by interconnection with each other, then the ultimate well-balanced phenomenon can be generated. Therefore, perfection simply doesn't exist to him, but only the ultimate well-balance. There will be no boundary in Alfred's mind by denying the absolute answer. So it allows Alfred to explore the subtle parts in different areas and connect them together by a single thread to create his own world. There is always a sense of purity in Alfred's works.

Winson Ma In Dec 2005, Winson Ma started his own figure company, “Winson Classic Creation (WCC)”. In fact, early in 2000, he was already active in the design industry. He worked with friends to found the figure brand “Brothersfree”. He was one of the creative directors. Now, Winson accepted the invitation from Polar Museum Foundation as the art director. He aims to promote the protection of our environment. WCC has six own trademarks, including Apexplorers, Apexworker, Firespecter, Necoco chocolate cat, Polarla and Artdol Family. These 6 labels have participated in many major exhibitions and crossover with different renowned international and local brands. Winson’s works have won numerous international and local awards. He also held countless forums and talks about designs in colleges and universities.

Clayton Chau Co-founder of Wing Art Workshop. Mr. Clayton Chau is now a full-time illustrator and has been working in the design and art industry for many years. He has participated in film and TV settings, theatre production, and shopping mall decoration. He is co-operating with Wing Lo to create the story, illustration, and other creative work for Lolohoihoi. Clayton desired his painting and art can bring people hope, with a warm, joyful, and peaceful heart.

Gammy Kwok From more than 20 years of own product design and brand creation to artistic creation in recent years. The creations range from early ink and ink to recent polychromatic works, as well as inverted bronze sculptures. In addition to designing products and creating grassroots brands, Gammy has an impressive track record. His recent works have been exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) and are also well received by collectors. Gammy's works are based on the theme of caring for the ocean and caring for the earth.

Carlos Koo He's renowned as an actor, model, and professional metal carver. With more than 15 years of international working experience with top brands, thus inspired to view things in a new light. In 2015, he was entrenched in the art of metal carving. Since then, he pursued this craft by incorporating modern and contemporary aesthetics into the world of motorcycle art. To further his skills, by 2017, Carlos travelled to Bali and learnt 'Metal Hand Engraving' under the master I DEWA SAPUTRA, a well-known international engraver. After his first exhibition in 2019, his personalised hand engraved product has gained a large following. Up till now, he is regarded as the only motorcycle metal engraver in 852.

Eric Seto a creative and versatile photographer/image maker with 20 plus years of experience. After receiving a BA degree from the University of Massachusetts (Boston), he came back to Hong Kong and started his career as a photographer. Throughout the years, Eric has worked with leading magazines such as 'Harper’s Bazaar' and' Cosmopolitan'. His interest in art is also his main driving force. 'I am the subject! I am a piece of art', is Eric’s keen belief in artistic images. He believes a timeless artistic portrait is a key to colour our life.

Lam Duen Shan Ming began his studies in the art of Canton porcelain as an apprentice in one of the last remaining porcelain workshops in Hong Kong when he was a form 3 student in secondary school. He believes there is significant artistic and heritage value in Canton porcelain art, and he feels that it would be a shame if this artistic tradition and skills cannot be passed on to future generations. It is therefore he aspires and strives to keep the art alive by reflecting on the traditional techniques while injecting innovative and new elements into his art, thus transcending Canton porcelain into an art form that is more relevant to today’s world. His technical abilities in the craft were nurtured under the guidance and mentorship of Master Tam Chi-Hung, which had a great influence on Lam Duen Shan Ming’s artistic perspectives and technical capabilities. He is currently a resident artist at Tao Fung Shan Christian Centre in Shatin.


Date:  5/20/2022 - 6/20/2022

Location:  Shout Art Hub & Gallery Shop 109-112, 1/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, HK

Opening Hours:  Mon - Sun, 11am - 8pm

About Artist
Jimmy Rice

Jimmy RICE, born in 1980, is a Hong Kong artist with more than 20 years of experience in the creative industry. His career spans from advertising art direction, visual merchandising, and designing for shopping mall displays, festive decorations, interior spaces and public spaces.

Jimmy had collaborated with renowned brands including Lamborghini, Calvin Klein CK One, Coca-Cola, Converse, Ecko, Eastpak, Heineken, HKTDC, Hong Kong Creative commune, K-Swiss, Pony and Ted Baker UK.

Living in Hong Kong also allowed him to become curious and absorbent about cultures and technological advancements. That’s his reason for establishing his own b-boy crew in 1999, he hopes to promote Hong Kong street culture.

Jimmy’s master in art is Mr. Liang Yi Chuan, a third-generation artist of the Lingnan School. Jimmy merges what he learns with bold brushstrokes and forms his own wild yet Chinese-influenced art style. In the “R collection”, he created 3D sculptures of animals with rifles instead of body parts, it balances out the brutality by giving power back to nature. The irony between humans and the natural environment is expressed.

His black terracotta army series, “Black Peace”, reflects how humanity is deep-rooted in immorality. The concept came from the Warring Period of China, when Emperor Qin settled ‘unification’ with extreme tactics. Through this series, Jimmy comments on the irony of war and peace. Jimmy stresses that art should flow with its time and echo its era. Through history, he sees that humanity has its many faults. His hope is for humanity to start anew.