「Time & Galaxy Traveller」

/ 10 Feb 2022 - 28 Feb 2022

Shout Art Hub & Gallery and Art Platform 'Stroll' of Stella of A&C are introducing the ingenious Asian artisans to the Hong Kong art world. These works are inspired by the emotional response of time and galaxies to people. By thinking and looking back on traditional Asian art, the artistic traces passed through time are combined with modern techniques to show the new Asian ceramic and porcelain art culture to the art world.

Ever since the breakout of coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic still affect our lives from every angle. In such a situation, Stroll admires to soothe anxiousness and tiredness in our minds. Stroll wishes that by walking around the exhibition filled with beautiful crafts, audiences can be fulfilled and feel peace in their minds.

The tender aspect of time and galaxy caressing our minds, represented in different objects by six artists: Insig Kim (ceramics), Jeongwon Lee (glass jars), Jungmo Kwon (lighting), Ida Yu (Porcelain), Corrina Siu (Porcelain), Taeok Lee (Porcelain) and their works will be presented in the Shout Art Hub & Gallery, IFC from 10 Feb - 28 Feb 2022.

Venue:  Shop 2033, P2, IFC mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong

Opening hours:  10:30 ~ 19:30



Shout Art Hub & Gallery

Shout Art Hub & Gallery is not a gallery in the traditional sense. It focuses on contemporary and pop art. Its purpose is to attract people of all ages and bring them into a new and vibrant contemporary art world. In addition to global artists, Shout is also keen to promote and support local artists, holding various exhibitions and bringing together the works of local artists. At the same time, Shout is one of Hong Kong's largest collection centres of mixed art forms.

Stroll by Stella A&C

“Brings Joy, Delivers Beauty, Conveys Story.” To stroll is not just simple and routine activity but very substantial movement we do in our daily life. By strolling, we gain inspiration from the daily chores and power to maintain our everyday life. By strolling in art, we can encounter beautiful

small things on the street or at the brim of a window, and this is what makes our life fun and meaningful. Let's stroll together, and we[Stroll] will bring a simple and pleasing moment with our beautiful products.

About Artists:
Insig Kim uses the technique of mixing different colors of soil to make the pattern appear on the surface. While normal “Yeonri” techniques create patterns by mixing soil with large differences in color, Insig Kim’s technique is more unique in creating patterns on porcelain because he uses only white soils with different chroma. The artist's work, named 'Baekyeonri', creates the illusion that only the most beautiful part of the fine marble has been extracted and polished in the form of ceramics. After graduating from the Department of Ceramics at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Kim received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Art, Kyoto Seika University, Japan. In recognition of the artist's unique artistic world and beauty, his works were invited to individual and group exhibitions at Takashimaya Art Sarong in Japan, Monoha Hannam in Korea, and several art galleries. The artist is currently working as an adjunct professor at Hanyang Women's University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

Jeongwon Lee creates his glass jars using the blowing technique, which creates shapes by blowing glass melted at a high temperature at over 1100 degrees. The blowing technique is a task that blows the hot glass through a long pipe at the right temperature and time, and it requires breathing in the air at the right time. His glass jars made in this way possess both delicacy and boldness, flexibility and strength. The gold jar made by mixing gold powder expresses boldness and splendor, while the white gradation jar boasts delicacy and mystery. After graduating from the Graduate School of Art Fusion Design at Kyunghee University, he has exhibited his works through various domestic and international exhibitions such as Choeunsook Life & Style Gallery, Cheongju Korean Craft Center, and Aquarium de Nancy (France). In 2016, he received the Glass Sector Association Award from the Korea Craftsmen Association, and is currently a lecturer in the Department of Ceramics at Kyunghee University.

Jungmo Kwon uses Korean paper, called Han-ji, and copper to create soft but attractive lighting. By using Han-ji, the artist creates modern design lighting in a soft yet sophisticated form through the harmony of organic materials and copper that conveys warmth. While studying industrial design at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Barcelona, Spain, he deeply considered Korean aesthetics and the way of modernizing it. In 2017, he rediscovered the characteristics of Han-ji, the traditional paper and has tried to modernize the Korean tradition by using the light-transmitting property of it. His lighting explores the formativeness that light creates in space and the dramatic possibilities of the space created by the light.The artist studied industrial design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Spain, and continues to present works through

various exhibitions and collaborations. His work, which is a beautiful harmony between traditional materials and modern design, won the grand prize at the Hanji Craft Design Competition hosted by the KCDF in 2018 and the Lexus Creative Awards in 2019.

Ida Yu from early age had a keen in drawings, painting and especially in design. Over the years, she further developed her interest in pottery and porcelain painting. To enhance her porcelain painting skills she had taken courses with world famous Masters from USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Ida's specialty is in soft painting, portrait and modern technique. Since then she has been teaching these subjects too. Her works were recognized and were awarded Gold Ribbon and Silver Ribbon at The International Porcelain Artists and Teachers (IPAT) USA Exhibition. Ida is President of Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club (HKPPC). She was also the First Vice President of IPAT 2016-2018 and Second Vice President 2018-2020. Since Ida was elected as the president of HKPPC in 2008, she has promoted the Porcelain Painting by attracting members locally and other countries especially from Asia Pacific. She organized regular seminars and workshops by inviting Masters from all over the world for exchange and learning new skills, and made the biennial exhibitions became one of the biggest Porcelain Painting International Convention in Asia. It has become the meeting place for porcelain painters from all over the world.

Corrina Siu is a former investment banker with responsibility as Marketing Director in Unit Trusts and Private Banking. Upon early retirement she spent 10 years as university lecturer on Business Management with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The City University of Hong Kong. Dr Corinna Siu found time to dedicate to art at leisure. She is the first and only artist awarded the highest level of qualifications being Portrait Artist, Advanced Master Artist and Advanced Master Teacher of International Porcelain Artists and Teachers Inc (IPAT) in USA. She contributes much of her expertise to the orgainisation and was the first Chinese artist to be elected to the Board and Presidency. She has exhibited widely in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia and has won many awards in international porcelain art competitions. She has published four books teaching artists how to pursue the certifications. She found IPAT Asia Chapter to launch countless projects to generate enthusiasm for the art of porcelain painting in the region especially within the younger generation and for fund-raising for the less privileged communities projects.

Taeok Lee

Porcelain painting was invented in China and later taken up to Korea and Japan. It was imported to Europe as one of the most valuable art objects from China until the 18th century. After Meissen developed its own skill to paint on porcelains, each European country invented its own method of porcelain painting that of style is similar to oil painting.

As Taeok Lee studied porcelain painting in Korea and Paris, she skillfully mixes Asian and French

porcelain painting styles to bring out the themes of the story. With her passion for porcelain painting, she teaches classes in the Korean Women’s Community in Hong Kong.

About Artist