Meet Keigo's Family

Keigo / 13 Apr 2022 - 18 May 2022

Shout Art Hub and Gallery will be presenting “Meet Keigo's Family”, the sensational Japanese artist Keigo’s exhibition from 13 April 2022 to 18 May 2022, depicting various animal characters encountering humorous real-life conundrums in their daily lives. 

This exhibition will feature around 90 prints and figures. Among them, there are 4 large framed prints with 10 editions each, and the remaining 80 prints are hand signed by the artist.

Keigo started off drawing as an amateur in 2012. Over the past 10 years, Keigo has created over 3000 illustrations, he has been uploading a piece of drawing every day while continuing his day job as an office worker. He gradually gains popularity to become an Instagram sensation. His illustrations are always simple, usually featuring personified animals with notable characteristics. The touch of humour in his art is unmissable, providing a daily dose of positive energy for his fans and visitors. Keigo’s limited edition prints are distributed by William Chan Design (HK)Ltd.  


Shout Art Hub & Gallery 

Shout Art Hub & Gallery is not a gallery in the traditional sense. It showcases contemporary art with a focus on pop and street art. Its purpose is to attract people of all ages and bring them into a new and vibrant contemporar. At the same time, Shout is one of Hong Kong's largest melting pots of all art forms. 

Under the brand Shout, Black Label is a large-scale art exchange space dedicated to promoting original and limited edition art in Hysan Place, covering an area of over 6,000 square feet. SHOUT BLACK LABEL exhibits the most sought-after original art pieces and selected limited edition art. SHOUT BLACK LABEL will evolve into an ‘Art Lover's Club’ where artists and art lovers rub shoulders to share their visions, experiences, and ideas. SHOUT BLACK LABEL creates a unique atmosphere that is beyond just selling art. It offers invited guests exclusive access to the VIP lounge, where they can enjoy viewing NFT art at utmost comfort.

About Artist

Keigo studied design in Japan and started his career as an artist since 2012. At times he paid regular visits to art museums, and doodled sketches in his journal. One day, he decided to share his art with the world via social media. As he uploaded his first drawing on Instagram, Keigo was transformed from a normal office worker into an illustrator. His Instagram account “k5fuwa” has over 1.1 million followers currently. His most popular piece of illustration now stands at a staggering figure of 600,000+ views.

Keigo’s earlier works were rather experimental, and based on trivial matters in his daily life. Keigo let his imagination ran wild, exploring the boundless world of art creations. Keigo continued to extract his philosophy into simplistic drawings day by day, slowly gaining attention from all over the world. He later published two illustration books in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea, containing a collection of his favourite artworks. Apart from being interviewed by numerous magazines, Keigo has also collaborated with renowned brands such as Samsung, Line, Takara Tomy Arts Co, Ezaki Glico, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store and many others. Keigo is very popular in Hong Kong too and was invited for crossover projects with renowned brands including CASETiFY, NESCAFÉ, Tempo, Good Mask and Artzbrew Gallery.