Hard to Say Goodbye In the Arts

/ 4 Dec 2021 - 19 Dec 2021

The arts is perhaps the best media for people to express their emotions to each other and learn to say “Farewell”. Hong Kong arts hub and gallery SHOUT Gallery shares a vision of embracing creativity with great respect to artistic creations. Supporting and nurturing local artists, and promoting global art creations are the core values of SHOUT. Using unconventional gallery practices, SHOUT collaborates with artists of different backgrounds, ages and interests to exchange values and stimulate creativity, aspiring to transform daily observations into artistic inspirations. 


Hong Kong-born artist Tik Ka (Tik Ka From East) shares similar artistic vision. Over the past two years, he experienced mixed feelings about separation and departure with respect to the changes of the city. Theoretically, we understand the world keeps changing and any good things will come to an end eventually. However, when it comes to saying “goodbye” to the closest people or matters in our lives, sorrow inevitably arises and it is always difficult to express ourselves. 


In responding to his departure with the city, instead of using “tangible” objects such as fish balls, pineapple buns, or the signature “Red-White-Blue” objects to interpret his solicitude to Hong Kong, the city where he was born and raised, Tik Ka uses “intangible” assets, visual arts, to share his stories, memories and imaginations about Hong Kong. Believing the arts is the metaphysics for human interactions, Tik Ka uses his creations to reflect on the changing culture, hoping to create better dialogues and solicitude in the city. 


Taking the concept of “Goodbye as Farewell, Goodbye as See You”, Tik Ka collaborates with SHOUT Gallery to present his solo exhibition “See You: Tik Ka From East 5th Anniversary Exhibition”. Established since 2016, “Tik Ka From East” blends the pop culture of Europe, America and Japan with traditional Chinese culture, and creates a series of “Hong Kong style” works in the form of ink art, new year paintings and sculptures. These humorous works reflect the phenomenon of the current situation and show Tik Ka’s affection to the city. 


As the theme of this solo exhibition, “See You” not only celebrates the 5th anniversary of the establishment of “Tik Ka From East”, but also reviews the artist’s emotional sentiments towards the changing of the city over the five years. These sentiments include the loss and separation of his good ones, as well as the loss of some core values in our culture. This exhibition will showcase more than 40 works Tik Ka From East created over the past five years. 


“Tik Ka From East” newly presents Eat Good West series (2021) - inspired by fast food culture and Buddhist paintings, signature figures including “Chicken Fairy” and “Hambuddha” challenge the current practices towards food consumption; The Kwai Leader  series (2018) transforms Bodhisattva into fairies and explores commodity and consumptions.

The Cat and Me (2019) was inspired by “MeMe”images on social media and ever since the work was created, it has drawn lots of attention online. The version in “See You” will be a new version available for pre-order;  Assembly (2020) is the work Tik Ka took longest time to finish ever. As a mega-size art print, Assembly is inspired by superheroes and raises questions about the definition of righteousness and justice.  

In enjoying the wonderful works in the “See You” exhibition, audiences are invited to contemplate how pop culture has affected their upbringing. While farelling the past, Tik Ka invites you to embrace the future challenges and see the potential of our city. 


Wherever we are, we will see you soon in the arts. 


“See You: Tik Ka From East 5th Anniversary Exhibition” Details

Date: 4 Dec 2021 to 19 Dec 2021 

Time: 11am to 8:30pm

Venue: SHOUT Art Hub and Gallery 

(L3 OT308A, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui)

Media Inquiry:
Vivi Pang   [email protected] / (852) 9135 3230


About SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery

SHOUT Gallery is not a traditional gallery. It specializes in the here and now of Street and Pop Art, with the added energy of graffiti. This appeals to people of all ages and introduces them to a very new and vibrant world of contemporary art. We have one of the largest collections of this art form in Hong Kong. Located in the cosmopolitan areas of IFC, Harbour City, and Causeway Bay. Providing a relaxed and cheerful environment.


About Tik Ka

Tik Ka (Tik Ka From East) is a talented Hong Kong artist, illustrator and designer who began

his career in 2006. He has held solo exhibitions internationally, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris, New York, London and Milan.


Growing up in the Hong Kong colonial era, Tik Ka absorbed European, American and Japanese cultures through comic books, movies, music and food, etc., while at the same time, he is also fascinated with traditional Chinese culture. With such mixed interests like the city itself, Tik Ka created his pop-art creation “Tik Ka From East” in 2016, in which the works are created in the style of ancient Chinese art blending with other cultures.


One of his aspired series Super Hero meet Chinese Opera,  was highly acclaimed by international media and personal including Stan Lee (Marvel Chairman and Director) and Robert Downey Jr.. Crossover with Warner Bros., Twenty-First Century and Fox Inc. 

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